Our Team

Jeremy Savin - Director

      Humble House Recovery is a dream come true for Jeremy and his family. After spending more than a decade in active addiction, and years of incarceration, he surrendered to the fact that he has the disease of addiction, became willing to try something different and asked for help. During his last incarceration he became active in the institutional 12 step meetings and contacted an old friend, BK, who at that time had a year and a half sober and was active in 12-step recovery. BK began visiting Jeremy during his last incarceration and began walking him through the 12-step process. Jeremy was later released to Second Genesis, a long-term treatment program, where he began to strengthen his recovery skills and build new, healthy relationships. It was during that time his counselor, Dwayne, inspired him to work in the field of addictions. Upon completion of Second Genesis, he went to a local recovery house, Oxford House Annapolis. Jeremy often say’s going to the Oxford House was the most pivotal and beneficial decision in his long-term recovery. He remains active in 12-step recovery, continues to work with his sponsor BK, and they share a home group. He also enrolled in Anne Arundel Community College where he majored in Addiction Counseling and subsequently obtained licensing through the Board of Professional Counselors in January 2011.  He then began his career in the helping profession with an intake position at Hope House Treatment Center. Over a 4-year period, he worked his way up to become the Director of Marketing. While working at Hope House, he also worked as an outpatient counselor at First Step Recovery Center from 2011-2012 and then at the Talbot County Health Department as an outpatient counselor from 2012-2013. Jeremy left his career with Hope House and Talbot County to accept a position as Operations Manager at Impact DUI where he worked from March 2013-May 2016. During that time he also did volunteer work with The IMPACT Society, Impact DUI's non-profit sister company. Jeremy left that position to pursue his own dream and began looking for the right housing and location to open Humble House Recovery. He is now thrilled to be opening 2 recovery homes on the Eastern Shore and give back to the community he grew up in and loves so much. He is in hopes that Humble House will provide all the same opportunities he received during his time at the Oxford House and continues to receive in 12-step recovery.    

Matthew James

Operations Manager

Humble House is proud to have Matt as our Operations Manager. He is a man of character and has a quiet sincerity about him. Matt’s addiction began at 13 and continued until 21 when he surrendered, admitting to himself he has the disease of addiction. After some legal consequences he was introduced to 12 step recovery and jumped right in. Now an active member in long-term recovery he continues to attend 12 step meetings, has a home group and sponsor and regularly takes meetings into the Caroline County Detention Center to offer the same hope that was offered to him. Matt realized early in sobriety that he has a passion for helping others and wanted to educate and inspire others to grab on to sobriety. He enrolled at Chesapeake College with the goal of becoming a certified substance abuse counselor. Matt worked two jobs while going to school and after several years of hard work he is now a full-time counselor at a treatment program in Easton. Matt’s philosophy is in line with the Humble House mission. He recognizes we have to work together to recover, that unity is the opposite of isolation, and having a safe peer centered residence where people can live and work together in early recovery is a fantastic concept. Matt is vocal about his gratitude for recovery, is excited to be on Team Humble, and use his experience, passion and knowledge to help the men in our program.