About our services

Intervention and treatment planning

We help the family explore treatment options, develop a treatment plan and an effective strategy to approach their loved one and present treatment options. Once a plan is in motion we set a meeting in a safe space. At the meeting we will assist and guide the family as they address the sufferer and the impact his or her addiction is having. This can allow the family to express their love and concerns while offering help but with effective mediation to minimize emotions taking over and disrupting the hopeful outcome. We will be there to help you from your first call and all the way through individual recovery, for the individual and the family.

Sober living homes

At Humble House sober living we seek to inspire hope, willingness, and enthusiasm towards recovery in a sober, safe, and comfortable home like atmosphere where residents can continue to foster their humility, strength, and new relationships.  

Recovery Coaching

Early recovery can be fragile, scary and overwhelming. Although part of 12 step recovery is "giving freely to help others" and there are many people waiting to do so, it can be difficult to make that leap alone. We offer coaching that can assist the sufferer in bridging the gap during that early isolated stage of recovery. We are available for the individual and family to walk them through this time with face to face time as well as phone availability.